Patract Labs provides full-stack support for the Wasm contract ecosystem, including on-chain contract modules, off-chain tools and services, and user-side products.



Jupiter is a series of common good testnets developed and maintained by Patract, including PoA fast independent chains and Rococo parachains. It integrates different versions of contract models, contract languages, resource models, contract governance, cross-chain standards, and runtime support.

Community parachains can develop custom requirements based on Jupiter, and take advantage of the amplification effect of the Wasm contract platform to better utilize its advantages in storage, privacy, messaging, and product operations. Community DApp developers can conduct early contract development and testing based on Jupiter, and then deploy to any parachain that supports Wasm contracts.

Resource model

Jupiter will first deploy the existing resource model for computing gas costs and storage rent developed by Parity, and at the same time collect community opinions and feedbacks, and work with Parity to improve this resource model.

Contract standards

Jupiter will work with the community to define a set of protocol on fees, upgrades, migration and destruction, and formulate upper-level business standards similar to ERC20 to promote collaboration among multiple participants in the industry.

Runtime support

Jupiter will provide support for pallets such as zero-knowledge, random numbers, domain name system, IPFS, bridge, and cross-chain messaging at the Runtime level to adapt to the differences in the Runtime environment of different parachains.

On-chain Contract Technology

Off-chain Development Support


Contract development workflow and scaffold. Redspot can standardize contract development, shield the underlying compilation details, and connect to other tools as a core component of Patract.


Contract running sandbox environment. Europa is an independent and complete running environment for Runtime that includes Contracts Pallet. It does not require consensus and P2P, so can quickly develop and debug contracts.


Zero-knowledge proof support. zkMega provides on-chain runtime support for multiple cryptographic curves and off-chain development tools to facilitate the development of zero-knowledge contracts.


Multi-language contract SDK. Himalia supports developers to interact with contracts in multiple development languages from different clients, including: PatractGo, PatractPy, PatractJ, PatractN etc


Instant and scalable Polkadot API. Elara provides RPC interfaces for relay chains and parachains, saving developers the trouble of deploying and operating multi-chain nodes.


2020 Q3Aug 14

Found Patract, and submit the Polkadot Treasury’s No. 0 Proposal to start the Redspot project.


Start the Jupiter project, release Redspot v0.1, and announce the Overall Dev Plan for the future 10 projects.

2020 Q4Oct

Start Europa and Elara projects, release Elara v0.1.


Start zkMega and Metis project, release Redspot v0.2 and Europa v0.1.


Start Himalia and Ask! projects, release Redspot v0.2 and Europa v0.1.

2021 Q1Jan

Release Europa v0.2, PatractGo and PatractPy from Himalia.


Elected as a Kusama Councillor, released Ask! v0.1.


Elected as a Polkadot Councillor.

Launch the Wasm Contract Open Platform to promote the Wasm contract ecosystem with Parity, community parachains and DApp projects.

Start the contract model customization plan, and start the development of Patracts Pallet for Jupiter based on Parity's Contracts Pallet.

2021 Q2Apr

Start contract standard definition plan, start Metis project.


Release Ask! v0.2, Europa v0.3 and Redspot v0.4.


Release Patracts Pallet v0.1 and Metis v0.1, start a large-scale test plan for Jupiter.

2021 Q3

Release Metis v0.1.

Make Jupiter to production level.

Collaborate with Parity and community parachains to promote the release of the community mainnet integrated with Wasm contract functions.

2021 Q4

Collaborate with more community parachains to promote the customization of contract models.